Elderly Abuse

By: Melzina Johnson

Definition of Abuse

: improper or excessive use or treatment
Panorama Undercover Elderly Care Part 1 of 2
This video is a documentary about a woman who goes undercover at nursing homes all around. She then discovers true secrets behind closed doors and the mistreatment of elderly people.
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This photo shows that not all cases of abuse have been treated in the proper way. Elderly people aren't always able to speak for themselves when it comes to being mistreated it may lead to it being a mystery.
This website gives warnings and the prevention of elderly abuse all throughout. This website can be used for people who may be experiencing it and don't know what to do.
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This picture is a pie chart of the types of abuse elderly people go through. Usually this happens at nursing homes.
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This pie chart shows the relationship of the person to the elderly person. This shows that abuse may not always be at nursing homes but also at home.
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This photo shows how effective elderly abuse is and how the amount of hurt they go through.