Stamford Bridge Architects, Plc

Civil Engineers Needed!

Civil Engineers Needed!

The demand for civil engineers who have obtained a master’s degree in the field or related to it are needed!

Good Hours. Great Pay.

Here at the Bridge we pay our workers well for what they deserve. The standard working hours of 40 hours here are flexible to fit your personal studies and demands. With hourly wages starting at $44 a hour entry level we treat our workers in a world-class way.

You won't get thrown into the mess.

Unlike other firms where new workers get thrown into all the tough, and rigorous work here it is different. Stamford Bridge will assign a veteran, proven engineer that you guide and assist you in your early career at the Bridge.
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Work not only world class talent but people who understand you.

Here we value both skill and talent , but one of our most important values are social interaction and relations with the other workers around you. We believe that to have a functional workplace that being able to communicate and work with others is fully essential for our success as a whole. With a diverse workforce you are bound to found people like you that you can relate to personally.

Surplus of Benefits

Treating our workers well is one of our primary priorities to achieve here. With many lunchtime cookouts throughout the year, holiday parties, vacations, and benefits we provide to our workers, why not work here? We making working through projects here worth it.

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