Hugo Chavez

Dictator of Venezuela

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Characteristics of Hugo Chavez

Hugo Chavez was always very vocal and opinionated, especially about Venezuela's politics. He was a smaller man, standing at a height of 5'8, but he was a bit overweight, making him seem a tad more intimidating. He was also a former Army Lieutenant Colonel which tells us that he was a very forward and bold man. As stated above, Chavez was always very opinionated about Venezuela's polotics, therefor he took action and created what he called the "Bolivarian Revolution" in Venezuela. He was also a very vocal critic of the U.S. His main focus was to create programs to help the poor, therefor he was very popular with the poor, allowing him to win the election to become president to make the changes he wished. The middle and upper class hated Chavez. When Chavez fired the national oil company's management, it turned into a riot when the demonstrators marched on the presidential palace. He was a tough leader was a leader in the new Latin American leftist movement. He was in close ties with Fidel Castro, Rafael Correa, and Fernando Lugo. Overall, Chavez was an extremely active, charismatic, and strong leader of Venezuela.
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Journal Entry, Memories of Hugo Chavez: Good & Bad

entry 3/5/2013

Lower Class Citizen:

Today our leader has passed. Though some people are happy about this, mainly the middle and upper class, us lower class and poor people are deeply saddened. He was our hero, he gave us purpose. He focused on us less fortunate and created a welfare program for us. He took out oil revenues for us. He made us feel important unlike all other leaders. We will always cherish this man and what he did for us.

entry 3/5/2013

Upper Class Citizen:

We are finally free! Free of our country being drowned with bad decisions. Chavez took away oil revenues, he spent a whopping $30 billion a year just on social programs and he manipulated the poor into becoming his followers. He just wanted power. He not once helped this country. he put us in debt and only did the things he did to keep the poor in his favor to maintain his power. He had zero good intentions for our country. Finally, we can thrive and regain our wealth and well-being!

Essential Question

Did Hugo Chavez hurt Venezuela as a country more than he helped it?