Jack's Run

By: Roland Smith


Jack has just moved to Manteo, North Carolina from Elko, Nevada. He is part of the Witness Protection Program. His sister moved to California to go to College. Jack is being forced to go to California with his sister, while his parents go to Alonzo's (the one who is trying to catch them) trial. Johanne becomes famous by entering a contest and making a tv show and now is a celebrity and Alonzo's crew figures it out and catches them. They stole a plane and took them to a vineyard in Argentina where the trap the kids. Now the kids have to figure out a way to be free to live in peace.

What did enjoy about the book?

I enjoyed the interesting part in end and how Jack ended up being in the correct spot and the right time

Was the ending satisfactory (for fiction)? Why or why not?

Yes because it was unpredictable and made a lot of sense in how it ended.