Niahla Wright

Compare and contrast

The triumphs for Nadja was that She never gave up on her dreams and she succeeded on her first concert, she is also a famous violinist, she inspires other people to play the violin, She became worldwide famous. Caines triumphs are when a man came at his arcade and that man made him believe he could get more people to play there, People would fly to Los Angeles (Where Caine lives) just to play at caine's arcade, He became worldwide famous, He inspires other kids to let their creative side out.Those are my Compare and Contrast.


The important triumph in Caine's life instead of a adversity was that he finally got his first customer and that customer got a lot of people to play at his arcade and it went world wide on the internet and people from other countries are flying there just to play at his arcade.
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The cause of caines adversity was that people would pass him when he would try to persuade them to play at his arcade and pay no attention to him because he is a kid and he can't really do anything.


The first thing he had to do was that he had to experience the people who didn't believe in him or ignore him because he was just a kid but he didn't care. So then a man came and was impressed then the man spread it across the world and now caine has experienced the triumph because he went through all that adversity keeping his head held high.

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The thing caine did to overcome adversity was that he kept on going and persuading people to come to his shop and even though they thought of him as just a kid he didn't care and kept on persevering.

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What I think perseverance is when You dont give up easily and you keep going and you dont yeild