Birds of Rio

Tours, Adventure, Fun and much much more!!

Located in the beautiful city of Rio De Janeiro!

Our company offers many fun tours, adventures, and lots of cool sights to see! come on out and enrich your mind and enjoy the lovely things our forest has to offer!

We have many different tours of all kinds to offer!

*Taunay Waterfall hike- go deep into the rainforest of rio, and visit the beautiful Taunay waterfalls (prices start at as low as 70.00 USD)

*Animal watching- travel to the tops of the trees of the amazon basin and see some of the exotic animals in their natural ecosystems, biomes, and watch predator/prey in action! (prices start as low as 100.00 USD)

*Forest walk- take an adventurous hike through the forest and the mountain trails and learn about some of the amazing histories of Rio! (prices starting at as low as 50.00 USD)

*Zip Line adventure- go on a wild and fun adventure through the sky! fly high on this awesome zip line right over the forest and see the birds and many other animals up close and personal! (prices start as low as 170.00 USD)

*Botanical garden tour!- take a peaceful walk through this beautiful garden and surround yourself with the exotic and interesting plants and insects that we have to offer! (prices start as low as 20.00 USD)

Some photos of actual people on adventures!

Guaranteed to be loads of fun!

We not only show the exotic animals and plants of Rio, but, we specialize in birds!

Birds! Birds! Birds! We love the birds! come on any other these tours and a free session of bird talk with our bird specialists. Get to have hands on fun with these amazing creatures of the sky! Learn things you'd never think imaginable


All type of animals are found here in Rio, including; anteaters, armadillos, and sloths. While walking through the forest we may get lucky and find raccoons, deer, and foxes, maybe even Jaguars!

Animals won't be the only awesome things we will see on this trip. Plants are all around here in Rio, we have all different kinds. everything from exotic and rare to common and colourfull! Some of the more interesting plants we want you to come see are; skyflowers, coralbean blossoms, Sabal palm tree, the necklace pod, and hopefully a yucca!

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We even have our own hotel!

Our hotel is fit for adventure for all those consumers, herbivores and meat eaters out there!

We have lots of shows and group sessions that are free for you to join!

We have a cool consumer/producer and predator/pray live shows with real animals and loads of information on how the symbiosis works within the environment!

We have a group session about the differences between primary consumer and secondary consumer. There's a difference; And has a lot to do with the tours!

The food is exotic and varies all over the food web!

Comfy rooms you can kick back and enjoy your vacation!

A petting zoo with a great variety of animals you you to interact with and learn about!

We are Birds of Rio and we want you to come visit our ecology and environment, we love it here and think you will too!!!