Cap Sante High School

Winter Newsletter 2019-20

Dear Cap Sante High School Families,

As we head into Winter Break, I want to wish you all a very happy holiday season and share some updates with you. First, we will be moving into the new school during the first week of January! Students had an opportunity to visit the school before Winter Break to see for themselves what a great new building it is. We are all very excited for this move and we are planning for an Open House once we settle in. Stay tuned!

Last school year, a team worked on creating a new vision and mission for our school. This year we are implementing this plan in our continual efforts to make CSHS the best place it can be for students.

We hired a part time Math teacher named Jennifer Turpin. You should have received a welcome letter from her. We are fortunate to have her as a new member of our staff. She loves Math and is already building positive relationships with students.

We also have a new Advisory class that includes the Character Strong program to support students' social emotional learning. Advisory is led by three of our very motivated staff members: Melanie Engman, Terri Kaltenbach, and Diele Harrold.

Finally, during second semester we will be starting project based learning for 9th-11th grade students. This new learning structure will be engaging and relevant for students. It will take place a couple days a week. Students will still be working on their online courses. We believe this addition to CSHS curriculum will motivate students in a new way and teach them important work and life skills. Our two teachers Jennifer Alatorre and Kim Stamper will be leading this work.

We are excited for the upcoming move and look forward to welcoming families there soon!

Sincerely, Kecia Fox

CSHS Principal

Advisory Program

This year we have instituted class meetings on Wednesdays. The purpose of class meetings is primarily to build community and teach concepts related to social-emotional development. So far, we have implemented some of Character Strong modules on personality vs. character, habit development, and kindness. We have been focusing on healthy relationships and stress management. Class meetings provide us with the time and space to work on High School and Beyond plans. It also gives us a chance to celebrate birthdays, accomplishments, and each other!

A Note from our Social Worker

My name is Melanie Engman and I am the school social worker at Cap Sante High School. My role is to provide supports, resources, and interventions for CSHS students and families. I am at Cap Sante on Wednesdays and Thursdays and am available to help problem-solve, provide emotional health check-ins, connect students with community resources, co-lead class meetings, assist with post-secondary planning, and more! Please reach out - I would love to meet you and help support you and your family!

CSHS Staff and Student Support Services

Kim Stamper, Teacher

Jennifer Alatorre, Teacher

Terri Kaltenbach, Special Education Teacher

Jennifer Turpin, Math Teacher

Dr. Kitti Westbeld, School Psycholigist

Melanie Engman, School Social Worker

Diele Harrold, Registrar and Attendance

Jill Newman, Mental Health Therapist

Kecia Fox, Principal

Cap Sante High School


Cap Sante High School creates lifelong learners who are responsible and caring citizens that positively contribute to their community.


Our mission, based on principles and practices of equity, is to provide a high-quality, comprehensive, and meaningful education for all students. Through reflective and caring collaboration with staff and community, students will be empowered to use their strengths to reach their chosen educational goals. Each student is a unique individual with tremendous potential.