Educational Mobile Apps

How to get the most out of your mobile device

1. App

What is it? Nothing fancy, but a straight-forward dictionary is a fantastic reference for students to use in any class. This also allows students to access their Thesaurus option, and even pronounces words aloud for you. Best of all, every word is available offline.

How can I use this in class? Instead of hauling around a class set of dictionaries that are outdated, use this app to quickly access words and their pronunciations in seconds, and in modern language.

English 10: students use whenever they encounter difficult vocabulary during their Short Story unit.

2. Atlas by Collins

What is it? An app that allows students access to general, and detailed views of their world. While a bit pricey ($9.99), this atlas provides students and teachers whatever information they need regarding the world's geography.

How can I use this in class? A teacher could easily use this app from their mobile device and project it onto a screen, and quickly share beautiful views of the world. Students can thus appreciate geographic context, and simply know where in the world a teacher is talking about during a lesson.

Social 10: students use Atlas when learning about Rwanda to locate it in the world.

3. Grammar Pop

What is it? Grammar Pop is a fun way for kids (and adults) to learn and improve their grammar! You can match words and pop clouds while learning about nouns, verbs, and adjectives.

How can I use this in class? This app could easily be incorporated into an English Language Arts' classroom. Students could even play with this app when they have finished an assignment early as a reward.

Grade 4 ELA: students use Grammar Pop after finishing their exam early.

4. Evernote

What is it? A simple way to take notes, write reminders, or create visual and audio notes. This powerful, yet simple app allows students to keep track of anything that they need to remember. Evernote also allows the ability to search quickly through all your notes.

How can I use this in class? This app would allow students to make quick reminders regarding their schedule, homework, or exams. Students can also share and sync files to pass these reminders onto other students.

Biology 20I: students keep track of their due dates for their lab write up of their sheep heart dissection, and their unit exam.

5. Animoto

What is it? A powerful, user-friendly tool that turns photos and text into a beautiful, video. You can even incorporate your own videos into it, and customize the order, length, and music (from their list, but has a decent variety).

How can I use this in class? Students could use Animoto in English class to create visual memoirs, or even poems. What constitutes a text has greatly changed over the years, and Animoto shows that a text is not simply bound to paper anymore.

ELA 10: students use Animoto to create their own six-word memoir during a lesson on poetry and identity.