EIMS Grade 6-1

Weekly Update for Week of 10/5/15

Another busy week...

4 day weeks are always the busiest!

This week in Math we worked on a take home quiz that was due Thursday. We continued to work with fractions and ratio equivalents.

In Science we are continuing with the Scientific Method and Controlled studies. We are looking at the vocabulary to help us think like a Scientist! Continue to check our INB and ask us to explain our vocabulary words.

Reading: We are reading Percy Jackson the Lightning Thief and working on Predictions. Students seem to be enjoying the book and will soon be able to take the book home to read!

Social Studies travel journal presentations were on Thursday! Final projects are due on Tuesday when students return to school.

We have finished our Unit on Figurative Language with a unit test. Please ask how they prepared for the assessment and how they performed. Many students met great success! If your child needs support I am available during lunches and this Tuesday and Wednesday after school. Two in class/homework assignments were due last week. Students will have until Friday to complete and submit revisions.

Upcoming Events

ELA Comic and Challenge revisions due Friday, October 16.

Figurative Language Unit retest Friday, October 16.

EIMS PTSA Halloween Dance Friday, October 30 from 6:30-8 pm

Thank you for sharing your children with us!

Team 6-1

Kim Rovitelli, Renee Perreaud, Megan Bonafede, Alivia Pfeffer, Susan Radley