6th Grade Earth Science Smore

Justin Giddings

30 Hands project

I learned alot throughout the making of this project. I learned about climate change, global warming, natural and unatural emisions, and the greenhouse effect. Climate change is the change in climate du to the greenhouse effect. Global warming is a cause of climate change that increases the temputure. The greenhouse effect traps the sun's rays and gases from emisions. I liked this project because it was different from any other project we have done before

Earthquake PBL

In this project we ahd to build a house for Tony stark and pick the location of the house. Driving question. Driving question How can we, as structural engineers, construct a two story house in California for Tony Stark that will withstand seismic activity? Desgin, clay was used to secure the popsicle stick structure to the base and to hold the popsicle stick frame together, plastic straws were used because it was flexible and more resistant to shaking, strings were used to cross-bind the sides of the structure so it will be even more resistant to shaking.
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Invention Convention

The enviormental problem we are trying to solve is the plastic bottle overload. Every hour 2.5 million plastic bottles get thrown away each hour. Our invention will try to stop people from throwning away plastic bottles. Our invention is a plastic bottle lamp with solar power. Our invention is a solar powered Bottle lamp if people used our Bottle lamp then the 2.5 polluting and distrubtive plastic bottles could be to light up homes with help from some renawable energy.
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