Extending Hours of the Cafeteria

Why shouldn't the time be extended ?

Cafeteria hours should not be Extended , they are perfectly fine the way they are .

In fact , it is possible that if we extend the time kids have to eat in the school cafeteria , kids might eat too much and can probably get sick or too full to work in class . Also , giving kids extra time after they eat may start trouble . We do not need food fights or horseplay in the cafeteria .

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Why should the time be extended ?

Kids need to get their energy to continue studying , therefore cafeteria hours should be extended . Plus , the time kids get in the cafeteria is the only time they get to get out of class , everyone needs a break from reading , writing and doing math all day . After the kids finish eating they can have a little time to be with their friends which they will probably enjoy more and possibly give them a reason to look forward to going to school . Nobody should be rushed to eat , it can be dangerous and it isn't healthy at all .
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Paulina's Opinion

I think cafeteria hours should be extended because sometimes we all have to rush to eat the food we bought and it isn't fair that we pay for our food and not even get to eat it because of how short the time we have to eat is . Also , when someone is rushed to eat , they don't even enjoy their food and there can possibly be an accident to where someone can choke on their food . Cafeteria time is the only break we have during school hours , it should be a time we enjoy with our friends and that is why it should be and needs to be extended .

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