The Superhero

1. How is the comic book superhero Thor different than the original Norse god?

In the comic Thor is a superhero and he is also a regular person. Thor loses his memory and he thinks he is a man named Dr. Donald Blake he starts to regain his memory and then remembers he is a superhero. In the Norse he seems to be into himself and his wife's hair. Also in the comic Loki is Thor's step brother and in the Norse Loki is his friend.

2. Do you think Thor makes a good superhero?

Yes i think he could make a good superhero because he can use his strength for good use such as when he fights someone but he need to think of other more than himself.

3. Judging from what you have read here about the superhero Thor, do you or would you enjoy the movie made about this character?

Yes i would enjoy a movie about this Thor because it would be interesting to see how they would plot on how Dr. Blake will regain his memory and remember his is also Thor.

4. Who is another god or goddess (from any mythology) that would make a good superhero?

I think Athena would make a good superhero because she is the goddess of wisdom and war and she could use her powers and her beauty to defeat the bad people. I also think that Zeus would make a good superhero because since he already has the most power it would be interesting to see who could makes characters to beat him.

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