Kanye West

By: Autumn Floyd

This is Kanye West

He is....

1. Confident --------> He did not get discouraged when companies would not give him a record deal.

2. Bold ---------------> Kanye cussed out the winners of the Grammys because he didn't win.

3. Determined -----> He never gave up on his dream to be a performer.

4. Honest------------> He sings and talks from his heart ; Example on #2.

5. Independent----> He made the decision to drop out of college on his own.

Vital Statistics

Birth date- 6/8/1977

West's parents divorce- 1980

Kanye West graduates from high school- 1995

West drops out of college- 1996

Donda West, Kanye's mom, died- 2007

This is Donda and Kanye West

The Citation

Sheen, Barbara. Kanye West. Detroit: Lucent Books, 2010. Print.

Why Kanye West is interesting and special...

Kanye West is different from the traditional gangsta-rappers. He writes his songs based on events in his life or things that happen regularly to people. Kanye has a unique style. This shows in his songs as well as his appearance. He dresses up, meaning that he wears nice clothes. Kanye West doesn't want to be a thug or gangster like common rappers do. He doesn't want to write songs about about his struggles because he really wasn't poor growing up. For example, the song Started From The Bottom by Drake is a prime example of what Kanye doesn't want to write. Kanye West's songs have a catchy beat and some of them even mix old songs up with new songs. Kanye stands out compared to all of the other rappers.

Kanye's Obstacles

Kanye faced a lot of obstacles as a child and adult. His mom died when he was 30 years old. His mom was his encouragement and leader. Donda West had a major impact on Kanye. She taught Kanye independence and loyalty. His parents got a divorce when he was young, but he was very close to both of them. When Kanye was trying to make it as a music producer and rapper, he was turned down several times. He had to really be strong to keep from getting discouraged. All the rejections made him mentally stronger. Kanye is very stable because of these obstacles that he faced.

This is Kanye playing it cool...

Kanye's affect on other people

Kanye surprised the world with his style. He changed rap music and made it more positive. He was an unordinary rapper, who took advantage of his music producing skills and made creative songs. Kanye opened up a new way of thinking. His songs were not about struggling and hustling, but about life and love. Kanye's songs have a truthful and honest vibe within them. Most people can relate to his amazing songs. I think Kanye not only impacted the world with his new truthful music, but he also impacted rappers and singers. Kanye writes songs that are on soft subjects, not violent or unrealistic. Why do you think rappers often write songs about feelings and life now? In conclusion, Kanye West is a great rapper as well as producer who had a major impact on our world and on other singers. Kanye faced many obstacles in his life. He songs are honest. Kanye West is a great person, and I enjoyed learning about him!

Kanye is cool....