Gap Year

Should Teens In The U.S. Take One?

What Is A Gap Year?

Instead of going to college right after high school, some students take a gap year, a year that gives students a break from academics. It is important for students to know that taking a gap year is an option, because it can help them in so many ways that they may not know about, especially since it isn't a popular choice in the U.S. Gap years are more common in the U.K. (with 11% of high school seniors taking one), but the idea is obtaining more and more fame and acceptance in the United States. So a gap year is a great idea if you need any kind of break to figure things out about yourself and the world.

Reasons to take a gap year

“The experience really opened my mind to a lot of new things. I can tell you that was the best decision I ever made.” -Gretchen Walker

Benefits of taking a gap year

  • Going back to school, the gap year students are more mature, more independent, and more appreciative of their education than students who didn't take a gap year.
  • Students can get used to living on their own during their gap year, so moving into a dorm isn't as hard. In fact 30% of gap year students travel alone.


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