Travel Club Trip Update

January 2017

JAN. 13 DEADLINE: Personal Information

The ability for your travelers to edit their personal information on Explorica will lock on January 13, 2017. Information in your Explorica accounts must match your travel documents exactly. After this deadline, fees may be incurred in order to make any necessary changes. Failure to have the correct information in the passenger’s records may also cause the traveler to undergo additional screening, questioning, or be denied ability to fly.

Feb. 22 DEADLINE: Passport Information

Explorica is now requiring that every participant put their passport information into their accounts 50 days prior to departure, February 22, 2017, so they can verify travelers will not be stopped from boarding the plane. Please login to your Explorica account and be sure you have completed this.

Students: make sure you have completed this form with your Passport Information!

After School Meeting Date Corrections

Call it snow brain - I mistakenly scheduled a meeting for the teacher workday on Jan. 23. Obviously we will not meet that day. So for what I hope is the final time, here are the corrected after school meeting dates.


Thursday, Feb. 16

Tuesday, March 7

During these meetings we will talk about the places we are going to see and visit them virtually via Google Earth. We'll also be learning about their history and importance.

Meetings will be held in the MHS Media Center and parents do not need to attend. It is optional for chaperones.

Raffle Update

Congratulations to Morgan Little for selling the winning 50/50 Raffle Ticket. Ronnie Tomlin won $300 in our raffle. Here's the video of Dr. Royal pulling the lucky ticket.

Shout out to Lilly Elkin for selling the most raffle tickets - 45!

T-Shirt Sizes

I am working on getting the t-shirt order bids. If you haven't filled out the t-shirt survey with your size, please fill it out so I can give the vendors an accurate count of how many of each size.

Required Pre-Departure Meeting: Tuesday, 3/14 (Travelers and Parents)

Bon Voyage Potluck Party: Sunday, 4/9 (Travelers)

(Note the date change from Saturday April 8 to Sunday)