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August Update

From the Director

Summer of 2014 found us in the thick of an “organizational review” – tearing apart, thinking through and reassembling what the ACTS Group was to be “all about”. We were two years old and so much had been built– SacramentoPRAYS, Serve Sacramento, Leader Groups, Q Commons, and many events. But, how were we to focus all that had come together in those years following the Luis Palau Sacramento Festival? It was clear that we needed to identify and galvanize these strengths around a “high impact initiative”. Through focus groups of pastors and task groups of leaders, we called the emerging conceptual framework the “Every School/Every Neighborhood” initiative.

(read more from Jeff Kreiser about the initiative by clicking here )

Now, a summer later, we are preparing the launch of this initiative. Through think tanks and the work of task groups, written materials, videos of “talks” and podcast recordings are all prepared to support the local church and school in positive partnerships. There will be information and challenge given to pastors and churches in our six county region beginning August 27 and extending through the Season of Service 2016 to engage with this initiative. Our goal is to have 100 congregations engaged in the first school year of 2015-2016.

How can you help? Please share this newsletter with your pastor, PRAY with me for this success and engage with a financial gift this month (more details at the end of this newsletter).

If you are reading this, you ARE the ACTS Group –

Jeff Kreiser

ACTS Group Director
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Bringing leading believers together into collaborative relationships has been a central strategy for the ACTS Group since the beginning. Leaders are often disconnected from each other because of moving at such a fast pace or living within a silo in their own professional focus. What happens when leaders take time together to talk about real and pressing issues that our community and culture are encountering? The pressing need to have leaders from all different channels of cultural influence come together for this purpose has fueled the establishment of the Convergence.World platform. This platform is designed to touch thousands of leaders with key ideas, inspiration and information from gospel leaders making a difference. Convergence Conversation and Q Commons are our marquee events that create live experience and video content that populates the multi-media platform Convergence.World and the Convergence Conversation radio show and podcast.

Learn more at www.Convergence.World

August 15 Closes Summer of Prayer

SacramentoPRAYS emphasized a summer focused on prayer, and we have seen prayer rise throughout the region. Almost daily, new prayer groups are springing up. One amazing thing that came up since the kick off of Summer of Prayer in early June, was the emergence of a worship and prayer event scheduled for Sleep Train Arena on August 15 called Worship Night in America. July 1, Chris Tomlin met with numerous leaders in the region to share what the Lord was calling him to lead in three cities in America – New York, Denver and Sacramento. Was Chris aware of what God was doing in Sacramento? Surprisingly and beautifully, Chris was totally oblivious! Jeff Kreiser got to speak with him in July in New York and he reaffirmed that the event is the leading of the Holy Spirit. We rejoice and strongly encourage you to pray this month - alone, in groups or at events like those listed on our website calendar at

Financial Update & Partners Like You

Transition. That has been the theme over the last 8 weeks for the ACTS Group. As of July 1, the ACTS Group moved from working within Jessup to operating as a 501c in cooperation with New Horizons Foundation. With the steps taken this year to launch the Every School/Every Neighborhood high impact initiative, it was essential to move into operating as the missional organization ACTS Group was designed to become. With the changes:

All checks can now simply be made out to The ACTS Group and mailed to our midtown Sacramento office:

2830 G Street, Sacramento, CA 95816.

You can also see our new online giving page here - .

We will be contacting the many individuals like yourself who identify with this missional movement to “sign on” as prayer and financial partners of The ACTS Group in the month of August. Feel free to "beat us to the punch" by contacting me today – - or signing up for a monthly contribution online. A final note: a BIG thank you to William Jessup University for allowing the ACTS Group to begin and “grow up” in the context of such a supportive environment.

Merisa Moy

Finance & Development Officer

ACTS Group Endorsement

Bryce Jessup, D.D., President Emeritus of William Jessup

“God is up to something in the Sacramento region” is a phrase that I have heard numerous times. The Palau festival in 2012 reflected and accelerated it. It is vital that we continue the momentum so that God can have access to all of those in need of the good news in our region. I am excited about the ACTS Group because it expresses God’s heart for a united church to meet the diversity of needs in our community by taking the “basin and towel” and serving others together and speaking the hope of Jesus to the community

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Unified, gospel-based leaders working for transformation in the diverse communities of the Sacramento region. These leaders provide ongoing leadership and encouragement for gospel movement in communities as well as in the spheres of cultural influence of the city.