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Term 2 - Week 5, 2nd June 2022

Kia ora koutou,

We had a wonderful day yesterday at our Annual Cross Country Event. We were so lucky that the wet weather held off and the course was not really wet underfoot. A huge thank you goes to Whaea Susan for her wonderful organization which enabled the morning to run so smoothly. Thank you also to Matua Andrew who worked with Whaea Susan to set up and dismantle the course. Thank you to all of the parents, staff members and Big Brother, Big Sister volunteers who were marshalls.

This was a wonderful event for our tamariki with the highlights being the bus ride up to the tree trust, competing in the event and then sushi for lunch when they returned to school.

We need your help with some of our school uniform items which have disappeared from school. Could you check your child’s polar fleece and return any that do not belong to your child. I know that it is easy to pick up the wrong polar fleece thinking it belongs to you.

Enjoy your long weekend with your whānau, including Teacher Only Day tomorrow.

Ngā mihi

Sarah Thompson

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Glenholme School F.O.T.S. Maths A Thon 2022

Each child pack today contains the following items:

· Maths list for your child’s team.

· Sponsorship Card including information on the Maths A Thon.

· Plastic Bag for the named sponsor card and money to be returned in.


Help your child while supporting Glenholme Schools fundraising. FOTS have funded Ukuleles for the school, paid for the Shows for every child coming up this year, shade sails, gazebos, toys etc. It is a great opportunity for the children to gain more confidence in Maths, Number recognition and numeracy. Encourage your child to learn and practice, practice, practice!


· Prizes will be drawn for each team plus several other draws!

· Prizes include: - Major Prizes include speakers, headphones and a tablet!! - Family passes to Rotorua attractions -Movie Vouchers - And MANY MORE!! There are businesses we are still waiting on so more prizes are in the offering. Please note the following important dates:

Week 4 Friday 27th May – Math A Thon packs go out to children.

Week 5-7 Children collect sponsors on sponsorship cards and learn Maths questions.

Week 8 Math A Thon Test in classrooms and marked tests to go home Start collecting money.

Return money with card inside plastic bag to the office from Monday 20th June - 8.30am-8.50am (before school starts) to Weds 6th July ( last day ). Week 9 Weds 6th July (morning) - all monies must be returned today to go into the prize draw. Week 10 Friday 8th July - prizes drawn at school assembly.

Principal's Awards

Principal's Awards Awarded to students making exceptional effort and or achievement at school, therefore deserving of acknowledgement and recognition.

Whakapoungakau Team

A1: Roman Wharehinga for having a focused and positive start to term 2. He consistently demonstrates the Glenholme school values by being respectful, having integrity, and striving for excellence. He is learning to use great strategies to get out of the Learning Pit to fly in his learning. He is friendly, considerate and hardworking. A1 is so very fortunate to have Roman as part of their learning community. Ka rawe Roman you are awesome!

A2: Samrat Kadia for being a hard working, dedicated learner. He understands his learning intentions and works hard to achieve his success criteria. He is a brilliant role model who willingly supports his classroom peers with their learning also. Samrat is always respectful and just an absolute pleasure to have in A2.

A3: Natalie Sewell for being a respectful member of A3. She consistently demonstrates the Glenholme R.I.D.E values. Each school day Natalie enthusiastically comes to school ready to learn. She is respectful to everyone who she is in contact with and is someone who can be relied upon to help and support others. Keep up the great mahi Natalie, we are lucky to have you in A3.

A4: Noah Parton for having shown consistent progress with demonstrating respect, perseverance and resilience. He has made a solid effort to avoid and overcome distractions that may interrupt his learning process. In particular, his training for cross-country each day demonstrates perseverance and has allowed him to focus in on other learning goals. His enthusiastic curiosity and questioning uplifts our learning community in A4 and contributes to maintaining our safe risk-taking environment. Te mutunga ke mai o te pai!

A5: Jordan Harris for his fantastic cross country achievement. You showed self-regulation and integrity while doing your training and excellence while competing in the race. Jordan, you are also starting to put more effort and thought into your mahi and as a result are thinking more at a relational level. You are a fun, happy and positive class member and we love having you as part of the A5 learning community.- Keep being awesome!

Tihiōtonga Team

B3: Chloe Cullen for always displaying the School Values and Dispositions. Chloe has a fantastic attitude towards her learning and is showing initiative and perseverance to complete her work to a high standard. Chloe is an Innovator like Ihenga. She is curious and solves problems independently. Keep up the awesome attitude and work Chloe, we are very lucky to have such a great role model in B3!!

B4: Emily Packham you are continually on task, completing your work to the best of your ability but are not afraid to make mistakes and ask for help if needed. You understand the importance of the learning pit and are gathering a variety of strategies to assist when you get stuck. Ka mau te wehi!

B5: Kruz Schwass-Adlam for his great attitude. Kruz is a calm, responsible member of the class. He enjoys a challenge and completes his work to the best of his ability. Kruz also enjoys helping his peers. He shares his knowledge willingly and is a good role model. Tu meke Kruz, well done!

B7:Taeotu Tait for being a Risk Taker and Thinker. Taeotu has worked hard in math and has been challenging himself by using his strategies to get himself out of the Learning Pit. He is starting to love math and is excited when he is able to solve his math problems. He whetu pangarau koe Taeotu.

Pukehangi Team

B6: Knyxon Te Kaawa-Ripia for trying his hardest when he’s in the Whānau Whare. Whaea Winiana and Whaea Susan are really happy with how Knyxon is trying to join in with the activities and how is becoming friends with the other boys. Tau ke Knyxon, we’re so happy that you’ve joined us in B6!

B1: Tatiana Gemmell for showing all of the school values in class and coming to school each day ready to try your best. You are always interested in learning new things, trying things that might be a bit challenging and asking others to show you how to do things. It’s cool to see you are helping more and more people in class as well. Keep striving for excellence and showing kindness to others. You are a great addition to B1!

A6: Viraj Narang for showing great enthusiasm and a diligent effort towards his learning. Viraj tries hard to persevere when he finds tasks challenging. He is especially trying his best when writing by adding in specific details and adjectives to make his stories interesting to read. Viraj is proactive and will use classroom word charts to help him with this. Great initiative and problem solving Viraj! Ka mau te wehi, keep up the awesome mahi!

C6: Impryss Hawkins for having such a positive start to her learning journey at Glenholme School. She consistently demonstrates the school values and dispositions with a wonderful attitude. Impryss always tries her best in all of her learning and has made great progress so far. She is a kind and thoughtful classmate, we love having you in our class Impress! Ka pai to mahi.

C7: Kassius Mita for being an impressive learner in C7 because she concentrates so well on all her work. She pays excellent attention to detail and completes activities to a high standard. Her Art work and handwriting is so neat. Kassius is always willing to help other students too and shows excellent initiative in spotting helping jobs. Keep up your wonderful efforts, Kassius. We love having you in our class.

C8: Pryor Godbold-Henderson for being a hard working and respectful student. She is great at sharing the play equipment and helping others. She has been working hard at her writing, often choosing to practice her writing skills during learning through play sessions. Keep up the great work Pryor!

C9: Isaac Tapsell-Singh for the focus and perseverance he brings to all his learning. Isaac is a great listener who knows what he needs to do to achieve the next steps in his learning and endeavours to do so. Isaac always displays the school values. His enthusiasm and spark light up the day. Ka mau te wehi!

Up and Coming Events

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Term Dates 2022

Term 2 2nd May - 8th July

Term 3 25th July - 30th September

Term 4 17th October - 16th December

Thursday 2nd June - Postponement Day for Glenholme School Cross Country

Friday 3rd June - TEACHERS ONLY DAY

Monday 6th June - Queen's Birthday

Thursday 16th June - Team Photos

Friday 24th June - Matariki Day

Friday 8th July - End of Term 2

Friday 21st October - Greats and Gran's Day

Monday 24th October - Labour Day

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