Hannah-Marie Wayne

Athletic Training

Best Friend

My best friend is Zoie Kelly. Until college I didn't have any close friends. Zoie and I are suite mates and honestly, I would never have guessed we would be so close because we are so different. After becoming such good friends with Zoie and my roommates, I understand the importance of forced interaction. Before college I never wanted to hang out with people who I didn't automatically "click" with. Now, this interaction comes more naturally and I understand the importance of this phase of a friendship.

Important Person

Anna Lancaster, my 7th grade basketball coach has become like an older sister. She is one of my favorite people because we are so similar but also because she is so wise. Her spirit is positive even when the situation is tough and her temper is always calm and controlled. She is the reason I became so interested in exercise and healthy living. Mountain biking became a hobby of mine because she introduced me to it over spring break one year in middle school. The way Anna invested in me and committed to just doing life with me has made me value people and their ideas.
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I chose CofC because I fell in love with the campus. Although I prefer the mountains and cold weather, College of Charleston's location was exactly what I wanted. My decision was between USC and College of Charleston. CofC won because the small size fits my learning techniques better.

This Class

Through this class, I hope to understand myself better learn what I am passionate about.