The Notorious Benedict Arnold

By Brianna Farley


Do you know who Benedict Arnold is? Not many people do but I am going to show you who he was and why he was important. Like any other child Benedict Arnold was a child once. Especially a daring one he took a dare like a trooper but sometimes got yelled at or in trouble. Benedicts' family was very big if you read on you can find out more about them. Benedict wasn't right away called a traitor but was called respectful and honorable. But in one paragraph I can't explain everything but I can explain a few things about him in several paragraphs.

Early Life

Bendict Arnold was very daring. If someone asked him to jump off a cliff he probably would. Considering that his father lost his business, and started drinking and losing their wealth, his father soon told his son to be an apprentice. Being an apprentice did not seem so awseome back then. You left your family, lived with a total stranger and you learned a trade. When Benedict was an apprentice he lived certainly better. He had a slave, dressed in expensive clothes and ate dinners with very important people!

One Crazy Family

Benedict family was large very large in fact he 7 children! Imagine that! His wife Peggy Shippen was his second wife when returning from a war, he learned that his wife had died soon he started writing letters to Peggy asking her to marry him she said no at first. But then she realized how kind hearted he was. They soon had their daughter Sophia Matilda Arnold, William Finch Arnold, Edward Shippen Arnold, Henry Arnold, Richard Arnold, George Arnold was named after Benedicts good friend George Washington. His last sons name was James Robertson Arnold. So you have met Benedict Arnolds family how could it get any bigger?!


When Benedict settled for a career of being an Army General turns out he was in for luck but after being enlisted the famous war of Lexington & Concord took place but when the showed up for the battle it had already ended. Their first general was very, very angry at his soldiers for not marching fasted but my belief is that he was angry at himself for not following the correct trail. After that experience his general quit the Army and drunk himself to death. After that debacle Arnold decided to be an Army general so while asking for the job he got! After a War Arnold asked the British if he could be on their side but he was asking for his job back. That is the first time someone called him notorious.


That is the crazy Benedict Arnold, he had an extrodinary life but it did not end well he was torn between choosing the right thing. He ended up choosing England because they were going to pay his debt. He was a depressed man after the U.S. calling him a traitor. He was called to treason soon after that. At a grave stone in D.C. lies the remains of him the grave stone has a boot engraved into it.


  • debacle-a fiasco
  • traitor- a person who betrays their friend, country, or principle
  • apprentice-a person who works for a person to learn a job



Benedict Arnold

The Notorious Benedict Arnold

The Real Benedict Arnold


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