Google Classroom

Mission control for your class!

What is Google Classroom?

  • Online learning platform
  • Easily communicate and interact with students
  • Distribute, collect and organize documents
  • One-stop shop for all information
Classroom 101

Tips to Consider

Before you begin your Google Classroom journey, consider these tips:

Beginners, check out these resources!

Check out these features!

What's New?

  • Instant Google Calendar integration!
  • "Share to Classroom" Chrome extension allows you to push a website to student devices. Look for the extension icon on your browser!
  • Move a post in your stream to the top and reuse a post
  • Ask a question to make your Classroom interactive!
  • Now choose from either short answer or multiple choice questions!

Google Calendar

It's here!! One of the most requested features, Google Calendar integration!!

Straight from the mouth of Google, September 23:

Hi Classroom users,

Today, we’re excited to announce one of the most requested features for Google Classroom has launched! Teachers and students can now keep track of all their work for their classes with a synced Calendar! To access your Calendar, there are links on the About page. If you do not see the links immediately, you should not fret as this feature will roll-out throughout the day. Please be patient as you will have access very soon.

For users that open Google Calendar directly and see links on their About page. but do not see a calendar for your class, you will need to generate it yourself. To generate a Calendar, you can follow one of the two options:

  1. Once in a class, go to the About Page for a class and click 'Open in Google Calendar'.
  2. On the Stream, create a new Stream item and the calendar will be created.


The Google Classroom Team

About tab

What are some ways you can use the About tab? Check out this great resource:
Google Classroom Review

Ready to gamify your Google Classroom review? Compete for the top spot in PacMan by clicking on the link above, created by @Gallagher_Tech

Intermediate-Advanced Users, check out these resources:

Share to Classroom

Want to learn more about using this extension? Here's a great resource:

Create a Shared Resource Folder

Do you need a folder where students can VIEW resource documents?

Check out this link for a video tutorial for the teacher and PDF directions for students.

Did You Know?

  • You will receive email notifications if you are invited to join a class, or when something new is posted? Make sure students keep this setting turned ON!
  • If a student is having trouble turning in assignments to Classroom, they most likely DELETED their Classroom folder from Drive! Yikes! But we can fix that: