Ms. Castro-Zeña's Classroom

5th Grade Math and Science


Hi! My name is Pilar Castro-Zena. I have been an elementary teacher for 6 years. Before becoming a teacher, I used to work as a scientist for UT Southwestern Medical Center and taught at University of North Texas.

I love to teach science and instill in kids a love for the scientific disciplines by using hands on models and fun experiments. Math is another subject I enjoy teaching. I think that math and science are very important related subjects to learn. Most jobs of the future, will require you to apply the knowledge that you will acquire from these two.

I was born and raised in Peru. I came to the US as a student to attend college. A university education helped me stay in the United States as a skilled worker and opened many other doors for me. I also love to teach bilingual kids because of the close connection that we experience as immigrants.

I have one son, Johnny, who is in 8th grade now attending Coppell Middle School East. I also have two cats: Benni and Katie. I will be getting married to Juan on September 21. Juan has two daughters, Giselle and Yamile. After marrying him, my family will grow from two to five!

Hola! Mi nombre es Pilar Castro-Zeña. He sido maestra de elementaria por 6 años. Antes de dedicarme a ser maestra, trabaje como cientifico para la Universidad de Texas Southwestern y tambien enseñe bioqiuimica en la Universidad de North Texas.

Enseñar ciencias me encanta por que podemos aprender al crear modelos y haciendo experimentos en clase. Tambien disfruto enseñar matematicas por que creo que se complementa con la ciencia apropiadamente. Pienso que muchos trabajos del futuro requeriran conocimientos de ciencias y matematicas.

Naci y creci en el Peru. Vine a Estados Unidos a estudiar a la universidad . Gracias a mi educacion, se me abrieron muchas puertas incluyendo la oportunidad de quedarme a trabajar aqui como cientifico. Enseñar a niños bilingues es una gran alegria por que siento que conecto muy bien con ellos. Dado que somos todos inmigrantes.

Tengo un hijo, Johnny que va a ingresar a 8vo grado en Coppell Middle School East. Tambien tengo dos gatitas: Benni y Katie. En Setiembre me casare con Juan, mi novio y mi familia va a crecer de dos a cinco miembros!


I studied elementary and high school at a private, girls only, bilingual school, Rosa de America in Lima, Peru.

I obtained a bachelor's of science in Biology at University of North Texas and a master's of science in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology also at UNT.

Estudie elementaria y secundaria en una escuela privada para solamente niñas en Lima, Peru.

Hice un bachiller de ciencias en Biologia y una maestria en Bioquimica y Biologia molecular en la Universidad de North Texas.

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