Karlee Wagnon

Every minute you are angry you lose 60 seconds of happiness

Who I AM

Interests: I like to play sports such as softball and volleyball. I like to laugh. I like bright colors over dark. My favorite football team is the Arkansas Razorbacks. I like music. I enjoy being with my friends. I enjoy being outside.

Self-esteem: I refuse to feel sorry for me. I get along well with others. I like to laugh.

Skills: I am good at math. I am good at softball and volleyball. I am good at playing the flute.

Attitude: I get along well with others. I like bright colors. I like challenges. I accept responsibility. I multitask.

A reason you should include these things about your self when you are looking for a job is so you can find a job you like so that it is like you don't work a day in you like.

Art Director

where i am going

My career as an Art Director is interesting. Art Directors are responsible for the visual style images in magazines, news papers, Product packaging, and movie and television productions. The annual salary is $80,880. The job outlook would end up 3% slower between 2012-22. The job "Art Director" is in the cluster AV, audio technology, communications, and art. Most Art Directors work full time. Art directors usually work in a fast pace office. To become an Art Director you need to get a bachelors degree and some experience in fine arts, design,etc.


How Will I Get There

My goals for when I finish high school is to go to college. A college I am thinking about going to is University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, Arkansas. I chose this college because it gives me the degree I need such as art. A good thing about it is it's not to far away from home. I have to get good grades to be able to make it into college. I plan on getting a job as soon as I can to pay for college.

There's no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs