MES Summer Learning

What new learning took place this summer?

Learning Happens Year Round!

Summer time is often the best time for teachers to learn new knowledge and skills through classes, workshops or professional reading. Many of Maplewood Elementary's teachers were busy learning this summer and will continue to learn throughout the school year. At Maplewood, we are all learners!

Mrs. Nicole DeFrances

I feel that our summer book club focused on Innovator's Mindset by George Couros was the most valuable piece. The examples of how students are using websites to explore and grow without any direction other than their own excitement to learn more was inspiring. Also thinking about how the end goal is to keep in mind that we want students to be able to use technology to improve their own education, well being, and connections. The story of when the author learned to sign “thank you” to his Uber driver because of YouTube was touching. It has been a personal battle for myself because when I think of technology and students , I instantly visualize video games. The author revealed to me that students are using technology to acquire understanding in programs that I have never even heard of before.

Mrs. Amanda Dillaman

This summer I completed three classes on restorative practices, STEM learning, and reading instruction. I look forward to implementing many of the great strategies and ideas I learned!

Mrs. Paula Doubet

I took a college course on understanding of frameworks and stereotypes of poverty and consequences on learning. Also that students need to be empowered, creative and innovative learners and problem solvers.

Ms. Sarah Eckstein

I took college classes this summer and volunteered my time at the KTI Summit at Shippensburg University. I attended as a participant last summer and it was so much fun that I had to return! Through both experiences I learned new ways to be an innovative instructor!

Mrs. Erin Fonzo

This past summer, I began a Masters program in restorative discipline through the International Institute for Restorative Practices based in Bethlehem, PA. At the conclusion of this program, I will be a certified restorative discipline practitioner and trainer.

I also organized and led a summer book study for interested Maplewood Elementary staff based on Innovator's Mindset by George Couros. We discussed the book through a Google Classroom as well as on Twitter.

Mrs. Angela Marshall

I took three college courses this summer: Restorative Justice, Executive Functioning and a class on making learning meaningful and efficient.

I also attended the Teacher's College Writing Conference. I learned a ton of strategies to use in writing workshop to help mini-lessons and small group work run more smoothly.

Mrs. Lynette Musoni

Through watching instructional YouTube videos, I submersed myself in plumbing, electrical, carpentry, drywall and painting techniques by remodeling my bathroom!

Ms. Shelly McPherson

I took two online courses. One on responsive classroom management for primary and using Google classroom for learning.

Ms. Katie Parker

I am currently working towards 30 credits beyond my Master's Degree(almost there:)) and I took another course entitled, Building Peace Through Restorative Practices in Schools. Through this course, I have learned that the restorative approach to discipline empowers a community to take an active role in resolving problems. Restorative practices in schools are predicated on the positive relationships that students and adults have with one another and basically it is harder for students to act defiantly or disrespectfully toward adults who clearly care about them and their future. In an environment where restorative practices are implemented, when a student misbehaves, the people involved are encouraged to engage in reflective conversations and are given opportunities to make amends. Punishments are not dished out for misbehaviors, instead students gain an understanding as to how their behaviors may have hurt another person(s), etc.

Through this course I have learned a whole new approach to classroom management and I look forward to trying out some of the things I have learned.

Mrs. Amy Prenatt

Relationships are so very important for our students. Those would be Relationships with both adults and with their peers. This effects their social growth as well as their academic growth. As a result of my summer learning I have given additional thought as to how to encourage our kids to take on more ownership into their own learning by having them reflect more and encouraging questions.

Mrs. Jeanne Rose

I have been working my way through PBS's list of America's 100 best novels. The list was created as part of THE GREAT AMERICAN READ, an eight-part TV series airing this fall on PBS. Check it out at and vote for your favorite novel!

Mrs. Joy Shaffer

This summer I went to the KTI Summit at Shippensburg University. What a great experience!! My focus project for the week was centered around growing the MES Makerspace. I am coming back to school with a plan for how to better integrate STEM and Makerspace lessons into the technology classroom. Also, to share many resources with classroom teachers who are interested in infusing STEM into their classrooms, along with many other resources.

Mrs. Kelli Trenga

I worked on the United Way of Western Crawford County Impact committee in the development stage of creating county wide measurable outcomes leading to lasting community change in the focused area of youth success, including but not limiting to after school programming, workforce development, and family support services.

I also continued working on my dissertation for a doctoral degree in educational leadership. Data collection stage and writing of chapters 4 and 5. Study- A Phenomenological Study of Dentists' Preparedness to Manage the Behaviors of Patients with Autism During the Dental Treatment Experience.

Mrs. Jen Wilkinson

Restorative Practices for Positive Classroom Management: In this class I learned that building authentic relationships with students is critical to the learning process. It's important to step back from the grind of the curriculum and take the time needed to build relationships with students, and help students build relationships amongst themselves. When you take the time to do this, student achievement will be nurtured as well, giving students the drive and desire to give their best. In the end, you are helping students to develop positive interpersonal skills to take with them on their journey through life.

Mrs. Teresa Yarnell

I took two graduate classes. The first one was Developing Phonemic Awareness in Emergent Readers. The text included practical strategies to help students in the area of phonics. The second class was Responsive Classroom Management in the Primary grades. It touched on how to be more proactive than reactive in our approach to discipline and how to use restorative justice in the classroom.

I also did some reading this summer. I read the Innovator's Mindset by George Couros which provided great insight into how we can change the way we teach to empower students.

The second book I read was Teach Skills, Break Habits by Dan St. Romain. He talks about how good behavior is a skill that can be taught and developed with practice and just because we teach a behavior once, it doesn't mean that it is mastered right away. He also stresses the importance of building positive relationships with students and creating a warm and inviting classroom environment.

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