What steps can you use to study?

By: Jazmin

How can you manage your time? How long should you study for?

*Plan out your days ahead of time or even weeks.

*Make perfect amount of your time to do everything you were planning for.

*If theirs a struggle write it down so you won't forget it later.

*Don't stress your self a lot with studying take a few breaks.

*But like make sure you know when to get back to work.

Were would be a great place to study? What things could you do to stay focused?

*Make sure their aren't no distractions around you.

*Stay completely focused into what you are doing.

*Have nothing on your mind besides studying.

*Maybe cover your ears so no noise bothers you.

We might struggle a lot but its all worth it

How should you prepare for studying?

*Eat correctly everyday before anything big.

*Always have plenty of sleep and always eat breakfast.