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October 5, 2020

Second Quarter Change Request Survey

This week you will have the opportunity to change your child's instructional model. Our Quarter 2 Instructional Model Change Survey is below. If you are keeping the Instructional Model the same for your child, you do not need to complete the survey. If you are requesting a change from Oasis Home Connect (virtual) to Face to Face, or from Face to Face to Oasis Home Connect (virtual) complete the survey below.

For Second Quarter, we will continue our health/safety protocols: All students will wear a mask, except when eating/drinking or outside at PE/recess/other outside activities. Temperatures will be taken upon arrival every morning and another time mid-day. Students will social distance as feasible and frequent hand washing/sanitizing will be required. Please review the current Illness policy, especially with regard to time out of school when a student presents with symptoms.

Below are some important points to consider.

  • Depending on the amount of students returning to campus, our ability to social distance will be limited due to increased in-person enrollment.
  • In most cases, students changing instructional models will be assigned a different teacher.
  • In a few cases, some students will be assigned a different teacher, even if their instructional model stays the same. (For instance, one scenario might be if there are two Home Connect teachers on a grade level and the amount of students switching to Face to Face is enough to create a new Face to Face class, one Home Connect teacher will pivot to Face to Face and the students in her Home Connect class will be reassigned to the remaining Home Connect teacher on the grade level.)
  • There may be a need for a hybrid class, where a teacher has some students present on campus and some are present via live virtual instruction.
  • Be sure to complete one survey per child.
  • We will continue to offer Oasis Home Connect, as long as we are permitted by the state and the school district to do so.
  • Survey closes on October 16th.
  • You will be notified of the teacher assignment the week of October 26th.
  • Changes will be effective on Monday, November 2nd.

We understand that parents consider many different issues, including family health and safety, work flexibility, student's learning style, connection/technical issues, and academic success, to make the Instructional Model choice that makes the most sense for your family.

Similarly, please know that, we also will be considering many factors for student classroom assignment, such as the health and safety of our students and staff, students' social, emotional and academic needs, as well as the capacity of each classroom.

We know this may be a difficult decision for you to make. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out.

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We have made a lot of progress on our 50 State Challenge! What other states can we turn green?

Boosterthon This Week!

See below from our Boosterthon team:

Thank you for every share and donation you all have contributed to our fundraiser. This year is an important one for our school. We appreciate everyone’s support as we raise funds for new technology, staff appreciation, and school enhancements. If you haven’t registered your student on funrun.com, it’s easy to do this weekend. Then, consider sharing with extended family and friends. And if you are able to, consider making a donation as well. Every share and donation adds up to make a big difference for our school. If your family does get a donation this weekend, you’ll be part of the Weekend Challenge which is if a student earns $2 per dance minute or $60 flat donation in NEW pledges they will earn a BONUS prize

Thank you for supporting our school.

Boosterthon This Thursday!

Whether you are participating virtually or in real life, be ready for Dance Fit this Thursday! Because students will be moving around, students may wear comfortable shorts and a spirit shirt or brightly colored neon shirt. Students should also wear sneakers.

We are so excited for Thursday!

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Our Amazing PTO

Congratulations to Katie Keezer, this week's Staff Member of the Week!

If you would like to nominate one of our outstanding staff members, please use this link.

The Parent PTO Calendar is below.

OES News

Since we are unable to produce a daily news show this year, due to COVID, Mrs. Feury's class created a news show to highlight some good news at our school. Click here to view their first installment.


We have had families reach out to inquire about purchasing our OES-StrongerTogether shirts. If you would like to purchase them for your family, please see the flyer for more information.

Mind Up

This week our focus is Lesson 4: Mindful Listening. For more details, view the sample lesson.

Important Dates for October

10/6 Governing Board Meeting at 5:30

10/8 Boosterthon Event

10/30 Early Release Day and Last Day of First Quarter

School Zone

Please be mindful of the speed limit in school zones. Also, be aware that you can only utilize a hands-free device, while driving on school property and in a School Zone. This means texting and making calls without utilizing the hands-free option is subject to traffic citation.

Fortify Florida

FortifyFL is a suspicious activity reporting tool that allows you to instantly relay information to appropriate law enforcement agencies and school officials.For more information on Fortify Florida, click here. There is also an app available for download. To submit a tip click here.