Honeywell Clean-up Plan

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Honeywell International is spending millions to clean the lake’s bottom, while Onondaga County has chipped in with spending even more to clean up its waters. Honeywell's agreement is to spend 501 million doing a dredging operation, a 4 mile pipeline, 2 water treatment plants and 2 designer wetlands to replace fields of contamination.
Honeywell is planting 1,000's of tree's and restoring many habitats The project gives over 500 people employment. Honeywell is cleaning the entire 4.6 square mile lake, the project is predicted to be done by 2016, dredging should be done by 2015.
Honeywell's inside look at Onondaga Lake clean-up
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In this photo you see a dredge taking silt and other materials being taken from the bottom of the lake. If you look you will see the pile of silt and garbage in the trough like thing on the dredge that is from the bottom of the lake.