Evolution of Communication

Let's take a look on the history of communication!

What is Communication

Communication is the process of establishing and conveying of notions through symbolic interactions between two individuals. It can be verbal or nonverbal.

Some Facts about the Evolution of Communication


The earliest form of communication was that of speaking itself. Speech it was called. Speech involved two individuals speaking verbally at one another and understanding what was said back to them. This action was practiced by the cavemen themselves!

Cave Drawings

Due to the earliest form of speech having imperfections, it allowed for advances to occur and new forms of communication to arise. These forms of communication started with symbols, a representation of a concept. The oldest symbols that were created for the purpose of communication was that of cave drawings. The oldest cave drawing that archaeologists have concluded is in that of Chauvet Cave itself.

Petroglyphs and Pictograms

It took about 20 millennia for the homo sapiens to transition from the first cave painting to that of the first petroglyphs, which involved the carving of rock. The petroglyphs were used to simply display an event. These soon evolved into the pictograms where now the intention of depictions were to tell the story behind an event.

Writing and the Alphabet

After much time later, around 2700 BC, mankind would invent the first form of writing. It is believed that the first writing system developed in Egypt, into what is called cuneiform. This cuneiform writing, called the hieroglyphics, would be the world's first alphabet because the Egyptians had each hieroglyphic character representing a specific syllable. This alphabet compromised of only 22 characters. Soon this form of writing would spread north and east, and new forms of alphabets would be devised.

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