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March 2016

Happy March!

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Magic Al

February 29 and March 1st, elementary students were excited to work with Al Stawicki, from Cable WI. Students participated in several hands on science experiments.

Magic Al is called the Great “PHEOC” Quote “I have the greatest job in the whole world, I’m a teacher! Being a teacher, the acronym “PHEOC” helps students better understand and use the “Scientific Method.”

Problem (Problem solving)-Hypothesis (Forming hypotheses)-Experiment (Testing a hypothesis through experimentation)-Observation (Learning how to use all five senses in order to make an observation)-Conclusion (Drawing conclusions)

Gravity, air pressure, temperature, following directions, surface tension, absorption, laws of motion, surface area and science safety are all explored.

Pinocchio Coming to Spooner! Auditions April 25th. Save the Date! Details out in April!

“Pinocchio”, with script by Robert Gribas, original music by Angela Rinaldi Gribas, and costume & set design by Deborah Nelson Pick, continues Prairie Fire’s tradition of presenting classic tales as you’ve never seen them before. From the Enchanted Forest of the Blue Fairy to the Isle of Fun, follow Pinocchio’s adventures as he learns what it means to be a real boy.

Prairie Fire offers a wide array of productions. All plays are original musical adaptations with special twists enjoyed by young & old alike. Our productions have roles for movers, singers, aspiring actors and for kids who just want to gain some self-confidence.

Prairie Fire Theatre Founded in 1987, Prairie Fire tours year-round to over 200 communities providing a week-long professional theatrical experience. Prairie Fire not only specializes in touring original adaptations of classic children’s tales, but also has a touring program for junior and high schools. In addition, Prairie Fire is available for theatrical workshops residencies. Prairie Fire is a proud recipient of the Minnesota Alliance of the Arts in Educational Programming.

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Upcoming Events

Anna Demers- Presentation about Israel/Palestine March 23rd from 4:00pm to 4:30pm

No High 5 Monday March 28th.

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