Team Russia

Men's Hockey


Despite there lack of defence they have fought through and made a great team. Team Russia has won 2 medals in the last 5 winter Olympic games because they had to compete against Canada, USA and Sweden which in my opinion are the best teams. Team Russia has been competing internationally since 1993. There international colours are RED, BLUE and WHITE.


1994- 4th

1998- Silver

2002- Bronze

2006- 4th

2010- 6th


I think the best players are Alexander Ovechkin, Pavel Datsyuk, and Evgeni Malkin. My favourite player is Pavel Datsyuk. If you are not in the NHL you can still be on team Russia . An example is Ilya Kovalchuk, he retired from the NHL last season. After he retired he went to the KHL which is a Russian league.


I think team Russia will receive a bronze medal because they are playing in Russia.

The Top 5 Standings

1st- Canada

2nd- USA

3rd- Russia

4th- Sweden

5th- Finland