Summer Institute for the Gifted

at the University of Chicago

The Weekend Edition

Another Fun-Filled and Action-Packed Weekend!

This weekend included many activities including Casino Night: a night of probability, card games, snacks, and even dancing. Then on Saturday everyone went to Six Flags Great America; students went on roller coasters like the Batman and Viper but also played games and won prizes. The senior SIG students went on a surprise trip to Gurnee Mills Mall after Six Flags; everyone returned back to the dorms for "Dinner and a Movie" night which included a KFC family-style dinner. Students then watched either The Hunger Games or The Dark Night Rises, depending on their age. Sunday was Family Visitation Day, along with Teacher Meet & Greet Day, but students on campus were involved in various activities throughout the afternoon including tennis, swimming, and soccer. Although it was a busy weekend, we saved the best event for last: the SIG Talent Show. Students showed their various talents in song, dance, drama, and humor; it was a night that reminded us all of the gifted talents of our SIG students.

SIG Talent Show

Academic Corner: 2-D and 3-D Media

Written By Yanyi Wu (Flora)

2-D and 3-D Media is my favorite class because I have had a lot of chances to improve my art in this class. I have learned a lot in this class, such as improving artistic drawing with pencils, and explored different principles and conceptions in Art. I have also learned about many famous artists in the 20th century. Although I have never learned about 3-D drawing before this class, I truly enjoyed some of the sculptures in the Smart Museum, which is located on the University of Chicago campus. After this trip, I was able to make my own 3-D sculpture with plaster and wire. This has been a really useful, informative, and creative class!

Summer Institute for the Gifted at the University of Chicago

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