Should we clone living thing's?

why or why not.

When cloning started.

They started cloning in 1960's but there attempts failed. Now in 1997 there temped successfully cloned a sheep. So it took 37 years. In 2002 a baby was clone and was born. but perhaps thousands of years back they cloned plants!

What is cloning?

Cloning is the creation of an organism that is an exact genetic copy of another. This means that every single bit of DNA is the same between the two!

The scientists who were first to clone.

Gregor Mendel,Thomas Morgan,Hermann Muller,Avery, Mcleo and McCarty,James Watso were the first to clone a sheep named dolly

Why did they clone things?

  1. They clone because it can be used for medical reasons like a brain tumors. The growth and transplant of new nerve cells would help with Parkinson’s, the growth cells to produce more insulin for diabetics, and new heart muscle for those suffering from heart disease. Scientists are trying to clone vital organs such as hearts, eyes, and lungs.

Cloning process

How To Clone a Sheep (In Ten Simple Steps)

Cloning animals is an Ethical problem.

  • One type of problem is the the method for cloning, which involve fertilized embryos are considered morally repugnant by some.
  • Some people think it's just like playing God.
  • Another fear exist if people decide to genetically engineer super kids.

Cloning limits diversity in plants and animals.

  • If you clone an plant or a animal species could result in lack of needed DNA diversity.
  • Diversity helps to improve survivability in the future especially something happens in the future.
  • Scientists can't predict potential development of viruses or other agents of destruction to the species in the future.

Cloning is very expensive!

  • Cost is an issue too, and it would be hard to know if the insurance will pay for the person to get the organs.
  • Cloning would cost a lot to have extra DNA for them.
  • Another issue for cost is that it would cost a lot for a leg and arm.