Roller Coasters

How it began...

  Every summer my family and I go to California. When I was about 8 years old, I went to my first amusement park, Knott’s Berry Farm. While I was there I rode on a huge assortment of rides and roller coasters. I loved the rushed feeling of being on a fast moving cart, with butterflies in your stomach, and cool wind hitting your face.

Sky High

  The latest and tallest roller coaster that I have ridden was called the Supreme Scream. It was the tallest ride I’ve ever been on, I would imagine it being as tall enough for people to touch the clouds. My older cousin and I waited in line for about half an hour. When it was our turn we quickly sat down and waited to be strapped in. When everyone was ready the ride started to go up slowly. It was scary looking down at the people, who all looked like ants, but I knew the ride would have been no fun if I was scared the whole time. As soon as we reached the very top the ride stopped. I looked around and I could see everything including the distant parking lot. Right when I had lost my guard the ride just dropped. I lifted out of my seat and held the handle bars with all my might. The ride kept going up and down fast, until we touched the ground again. When I got off I was a bit dizzy but, very pumped.

Around and Around

   My most favorite kinds of roller coasters are the ones with loops. I love the excited feelings you get when you’re about to get on a ride that goes upside-down. Most of the time the rides with loops go up and to, accelerate the cart it zooms down and before you know it you’re upside down on one of the loops. Even when you close your eyes, which I do sometimes, you know you’re on a loop. Your body jerks, and your head feels heavy. When you get off these types of rides your head feels heavy and you wobble a bit, but the feeling disappears very soon.


Even today I am still in love with roller coasters. I have never, and probably will not ever say no to an opportunity to get on another roller coaster. Now I know the ups and downs to all kinds of different rides. I also now know how to handle the sick feelings you get from some.
All pictures are from Google images.