The tips and tricks to stay alive in the wilderness.


  1. Always bring a filtered water bottle so you can use various kinds of water.
  2. Try to build a shelter as quickly as possible so you can be safe from weather.
  3. Make a weapon. You never know what might happen! A spear or bow and arrow is good.
  4. Get help! Make a signal fire! You could be found!
  5. Bring tools, such as a hatchet (for cutting wood) and matches (to start a fire). It will really help.
  6. Find food. Look for berries. A man needs to eat!
  7. Find a good spot to live. Make sure it’s flat so you can sleep.
  8. Know how to make a fire. You will need it to cook.
  9. Know which berries are poisonous. Don't want to die!
  10. Don't plan on having Internet or phone access. People are too dependent on that.