Louis Armstrong

by: Chelsey Jett


Louis Daniel Armstrong was a influential trumpeter, singer, and jazz bandleader in the 1920's. Born on August 4th, 1901, Armstrong's childhood was mostly full of odd jobs and music. He grew up in New Orleans without a father and neglected by his mother, which he was then left in the care of his grandmother, Josephine. But he then eventually came back into the care of his mother. Even though he live in a poo neighborhood filled with crime, he still managed to stay out of trouble.

How It Began and His Influence

When he eventually did get arrested for accidentally shooting one of his friends as a boy, he was sent to a colored Waifs' home. There was a band there, in which he joined and played the cornet for the first time. When his small sentence was up, he joined many different jazz groups across the New Orleans area with the guidance of Joe "King" Oliver. Many of the great jazz joints were in areas with many prostitutes and law enforcement were always around. Armstrong quickly left to go to Chicago after he divorced his first wife in 1922. From then on, he began working with a band called the Creole Jazz Band. Many ups and downs were struck on him, such as his mother dying and many divorces with his wives. But in 1928, many people began to fall in love with his sound and went out to hear him play at clubs just about every night.By 1947, he was named on of the early pioneers of jazz. Armstrong's influence on the world was much about freedom of expression and the invention of his well known "scatting" added to the mix. Louis Armstrong was not only loved by African Americans, but also all music lovers.
Louis Armstrong - When You're Smiling