LIFT Weekly Update

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Hey, everybody!

I hope everyone has adjusted well after springing forward! Having nice weather for a day or two was a nice treat to help get over the time change. This week looks like lots of rain, but it isn't all dark and dreary, because we've got some great stuff coming up!

Prayer Breakfast is on for tomorrow! Come enjoy a delicious breakfast and a nice time of prayer before school.

LIFT, is on for this week with great worship, some prizes, and more of our super weird and interesting message series on the life of Elijah called The Tishbite! Check out last week's message along with follow-up questions below!

Sunday Night at LifeLine, we'll continue the new Bible Study series on the Psalms, along with some fun game time led by volunteers while I teach the Discipleship Class on Worldviews.

Be in prayer for our Honduras Mission Team! We've got a great team of 31 people heading to Orphanage Emmanuel April 4-9, less than a month away! REMEMBER OUR FINAL MEETING COMING UP MARCH 22ND. Come prepared with your testimony and a 20-30 minute devotional to share with the kids! We'll arrange final details and make plans!

Summer Camp this year is July 13-17, and we'll be heading to Student Life @ Daytona Beach for an incredible week! Sign-ups will open up on March 18th, and space is limited. Check out the preview video below!

The LIFT Supper Schedule is below, and our first one for the year is next week. Many of you signed up at our Parent Meeting. Let me know if you'd like to be added to an open spot!

Important Dates

  • March 22nd - Final Honduras Spring Break Mission Trip Meeting, 5pm.
  • April 4th-9th - Honduras Spring Break Mission Trip
  • May 17th - Graduate Recognition Sunday
  • July 13th-17th - Summer Camp @ Daytona Beach
Beach Camp Student Promo

Last Week's Message From LIFT

The Tishbite 1

Follow-Up Questions

· Is this story from the Old Testament new to you? What do you think of it?

· How do we see reflections of Jesus in a story that happened hundreds of years before His birth?

· How does Elijah’s story of feeling like he had to prove that God is real relate to your life?

· What pattern do we see in the story so far? Elijah does something Christ-like (like being devoted, trusting, obeying, etc.), and then what does God do?

· How is that also true for us?