Beating the Odds

Lakeview Staff Newsletter - June 7

Check out Sheet

Anyone that attends LV staff meetings needs to complete this checkout sheet. Please print your own sheet, check off as you complete, and turn in when complete before leaving on June 13th. If you have questions, please see Chris.

All paras - verify your key fob by showing to Roxanne; she will record it and you will keep your fob over the summer.

Certified staff that do not have Lakeview as their "home school" - verify any Lakeview interior key you have with Roxanne; she will record it and you will keep your key over the summer.

Curricular Organizations

In my summary evaluation meetings, I always suggest to educators that they become members of a curricular organization such as WSRA for reading, WMC for math, ASCD for professional learning, and the many other choices that exist. I mentioned this in one of our first staff meetings this year and I continue to encourage it. Teaching has become too big to expect any district's PD to meet the needs of every educator. Being a member of a curricular organization means you choose a passion area (i.e., reading) and receive current research from experts beyond our borders (in this case WSRA) that benefits you and your students.

Looking Ahead

Monday, June 10

Report cards due at 8 a.m.

Student council celebration during lunch

Interviews for 4th grade position in the afternoon (in the PDC)

Tuesday, June 11

Cadet field trip to Classic Lanes 11 a.m.

5th grade Chromebook collection 1:30 p.m.

Wednesday, June 12

Field day in the afternoon

5th grade Recognition 6 p.m.

Windows laptop reimaging help session in art room with Christina & Drew

Thursday, June 13

11:45 a.m. dismissal

Plan for a short meeting in the afternoon (10-15 min?) time TBA

Checkout sheets due before leaving (see above)

Sunshine celebration @ The Rock after school

82 days until the first day of school!


True principal confessions: I wake up scared on yearbook day. Well, maybe that's too dramatic, but here's why:

Families get very (very) touchy about yearbooks that have writing over pictures, inappropriate messages written inside, etc. Then they call me, and there's nothing I can do to help. We just do not have extra yearbooks. If you are doing yearbook signing, establish expectations including:

• Only write on the page(s) for autographs.

• Noboby writes on a picture page.

• Keep your message small - do not take up the entire page

• Do not color or add things to people's pictures (glasses, beards, etc.)

• Only sign your name - no extra messages

• Limit the time for yearbook signing. Less time=fewer problems.

Curricular Materials & Supplies

Question: "What do I do with ______?"

• Old science & social studies books - recycle

• Science materials (things you can experiment with) - save, they might get reused

• Word Their Way (1st & 2nd grades only) - please put in 4K wrap room on the counter

• UoS or Investigations manuals that you do need next year - contact a coach

Extra school supplies (i.e. full bottles of glue, paper towels) - place in 4K wrap room on tables on June 13 (not before that day, please, due to wrap program).

Save the Dates

Calendars for next year

Popsicles on the Playground - 5K teachers and the PTO are jointly coordinating a 5K event. Here is a link to the flyer. This will be a meet and greet for incoming 5K families.

I am hoping for a more general all-school event in August as well, but just was not able to get that far yet ...

The spring concert next year is on March 17, 2020.

Duties for 2019-20

UPDATED June 9 - When I wrote this originally, I forgot that lunch is later next year (11:55-12:45) and that our art & music teachers are available each day of the 4-day rotation (thank you, Mrs. Tinsen, for helping me with this realization). That means that we could do lunch/recess duties on either a 4-day rotation to match the specials schedule OR have a Monday through Friday schedule as we currently do. I would appreciate your thoughts either way by the 13th.


I do like the number of people at each duty location (2 in lunchroom, 2 on each playground) and the before school/after school supervision schedule seems to work fine as is.

UPDATED June 9 - we will need a person to take Mrs. Johnson's after school duty. Please see Jenny, Dave, or myself to understand what the duty includes and then let me know if you are interested before the 13th.

Summer & Fall Purchases

A few notes and reminders:

• PTO will continue to provide start-up funds for teachers. Many thanks to the PTO!

• Anything purchased from building budgets must be ordered by Roxanne with my approval. Do not purchase anything and expect reimbursement with a receipt. We made this change when I arrived, and I really thank all of you for adhering to this.

• Remember there is no longer a "per classroom" budget at Lakeview. If there is something you think you need, let me know and we will balance needs as able. This will continue to be our plan for next year.

• Building budgets are used for items that impact instruction, growth, and achievement as much as possible. Desk tags, locker tags, and decor will not be purchased from building funds. This might be a way to use PTO start-up funds.

Articles of Interest

Is That Higher-Order Task Really Higher Order? Ohh, the number of projects I did with students in my career that took too much time for too little return in thinking. If only I could have all those classes back now to spend in a different way.

Play the Broken Record When Questioning Students This article is all about using your learning target to keep your questions focused

Structural Items

School supply list for 2019-2020 - click here for link

Room map for next year - UPDATED - click here for link

Specials Rotation for 2019-2020 - click here for link

Furniture/Room concerns - this document

Family newsletter - Link to the final family newsletter of the year. There is a whole bunch of info in this for the beginning of next year for families.

Character Dares & Trauma Sensitive Schools

Big picture