Transistor Based Calculators

Friden EC-130

It is the first transistor based electronic calculator with 13 digit number system. It works on Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) system, technique of doing math problems with a multi register stack.

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Sharp CS-10A

It is a transistorized desk calculator with Nixie-type tube display developed in Japan in 1964. It consists of 4 normal functions and memory that is weighed 25 kg.

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IME 84

It is developed by Industria Macchine Elettroniche in 1964.It is a 16 digit desktop calculator that can perform 4 basic operations and it consists of memory. Here 4 additional keyboards and display can be connected.

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Toscal BC-1411

It is a high speed, transistor based desktop calculator that offers easy operation. It consists of 4 digit memory capacity with simplified keyboard.

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Olivetti Programma 101

It is a programmable calculator which is developed by Olivetti in 1964. It is a commercially successful calculator that offers printing facility.

ELKA 6521

It is the first Bulgarian desktop calculator developed in 1965 with a 16 digit nixie tube display. It offers square root function. The weight of this calculator is around 8 kg.

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Cal Tech

Cal Tech is the first pocket friendly handheld electronics calculator developed by Texas Instruments in 1967. It consists of 4 basic functions, 18 keys and a printer.

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