• Self-harm includes self-injury (SI) and self-poisoning and is defined as the intentional, direct injuring of body tissue most often done without suicidal intentions.

Facts about Self-harm

  • Each year 1 in 5 females engage in self-harm.
  • Also 1 in 7 males engage in self-harm a year.
  • Nearly 90% of people start self-harm in their teen years.
  • 50% of self-harm is caused by sexual abuse.
  • Most start at the age of 14 and go till their mid-twenties
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  • Some people draw on themselves to stop cutting
  • Putting ink on your skin is better then scars these come off.
  • Scars aren't your life they DON'T control you.
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Help Stop Cutting

  • Draw on yourself with washable RED marker, then take a shower and wash the pain away
  • Think about not wanting scars for the SUMMER.
  • Do something proactive, color, exercise,stomp the floor, or punch a pillow.
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