Superintendent's Update

March 17, 2020

Each day, my team and I engage in communication regarding how to navigate this closure. Members of my Leadership Team and I go through a series of calls with state and local leaders in order to discuss everything from the continuity of instruction, to employment issues, to the national/state impact of COVID-19, and more. We process that information, then have a daily conference call with CCPS cabinet members each afternoon to discuss how what we’ve learned from the day affects our community. This is how we make our decisions and create a path forward.

One of the items that we discussed a great deal today was the distribution of meals. Today we distributed 1600 meals (breakfast and lunch) to 800 students as compared to the 550 meals from yesterday. We had originally hoped to increase to a 3-meal distribution, but based on the drastic increase in participation, we have decided to maintain the 2-meal distribution at this time until we can reach more consistent participation and have a better idea of the extent of the closure. Again, I would like to give major kudos to our Food & Nutrition staff members as well as various community volunteers who are working hard to make this whole process come together.

Over the next few days, we hope to receive more in-depth guidance from the state level so that we have a better picture of what this all means going forward. Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we all work through this crisis together.


Jeffrey A. Lawson, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools

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