Elementary Rules for Beginners to Play Chess

Chess is an ancient game, played for centuries together. This is one game that has remained steady over the years, because of the way it tickles your brain and lets you go deep into the crevices of your mind to think about strategies and techniques to better your opponent. The age difference or the physical condition does not matter to play this age-old brain teaser. The game of chess requires you to be alert, active and forces you to use the complete power of your mind to excel.

Hence, if you want your kids to enjoy the advantages the game has to offer, or would like to indulge in its benefits on your own, the best way to begin with, is from the basics. A chess player needs to understand the rudiments of the game, to and learn about the ground rules before playing with an opponent.

So, to begin with, one need to know what each of the pieceson the board stands for, and how they move along to accomplish the game in the end. Each piece on the checker chess board moves in different directions. For example-

· Pawns can move one or two spaces forward, initially, and from then on, only one space ahead. They cannot move backward and can attack diagonally when an opponent is nearby.

· The bishop, for instance, can move diagonally, as many spaces as it can, till it hits on the opponent. However, it can also move only in one direction- diagonally.

· The queen, is the strongest among them all, and can move in all directions- vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

· The King is invaluable, and if we capture our opponents King, we stand the winner. So, the whole game revolves around protecting your king and keeping it out of the ‘Check’ position- a danger square, where your opponent can attack the King and capture it.

Well, now, there are others, the Knight, and the Rook, which have their directions and spaces marked. One need to understand the basic movements to ensure you play fair and steady, to win the game.

So, from Check, and Checkmate to learning how to take the King out of dangers, and keep him safe from the opponent's army, Chess can keep your mind and brain tingling with anxiety and pleasure.

Thus, get an experienced tutor, to help you out in learning the basics, and to enjoy a mind-boggling game of Chess. There are also online Chess tutorials, which can assist you in honing up your skills easily. Just get hold of the right website, to ensure you are one space ahead of your opponents in this game of Rooks and Kings.

About the Author:

Albert Fishman has been involved in teaching chess since 1996 and is part of the IchessU coaching staff. IchessU is one of the best online chess coaching in USA. They have experienced coaches to teach the moves of chess. Their experienced faculties are dedicated to offer the best coaching for beginners