Founder's Announcement

Open Enrollment until October 9, 2013

Retirement in Peace - Think Tangible Assets - Precious Metals - Forget Social Security!!

Wealth Network Builders Educational System's founder announced enrollment of not less than 3000 members by October 9, 2013. The announcement received accolades by the leaders taking part in the conference on September 9, 2013. Mrs. Hurst, a leader in the company, says "we will change the lives of many families". She referred to her article published September 3, 2013, in Mrs. Hurst was very frank about the current global economic trends. She committed to signing members, personally. Her explanation is exemplified in the company's trademark "People helping People". She is accepting applications through the October 9, 2013. Mrs. Hurst can be contacted by phone at 757.335.6184 or