December 2013

Hayden Hero Herald


"Science At Play" is the theme of our second quarter reading unit.

We are reading both fiction and nonfiction texts that encourage students to make science connections to their everyday lives.

Our class read Owl Moon, a beautiful story about a child who goes owling with her father late one evening. The author, Jane Yolen, shows us how children can use science to connect with nature. In this story, a late night walk leads to a wonderful family memory. This talented author also demonstrates how the use of sensory details can make a reader feel as if they are right there in the story!

We are reading a variety of stories about how science plays a role in our everyday lives in our small reading groups. We read fiction passages about the science behind the sports of in-line skating, tennis, and biking. While I read with small groups each day, the children are engaged in a variety of literacy activities at our stations.

A new reading adventure begins: We just started to read Charlotte's Web. The children are highly engaged as we gather round each day for the next chapter in this tale.


The children worked diligently as writers to develop a strong and meaningful paragraph of "Thankful Thoughts" for their families. They drafted, revised, edited, and published their paragraphs in preparation for presenting their "Thankful Thoughts" to their families on Thanksgiving Day. The children learned an important lesson: Sharing words from the heart can make others feel appreciated and honored.

After reading our mentor texts, Owl Moon and Hello, Ocean, we embarked on a new writing piece. The children each developed a descriptive poem for a special place. From the beach to the backyard, the young writers of 3H are learning to use sensory details to describe a special place. Be sure to ask your young writer about the special place they selected as a topic for their Where Am I descriptive writing piece.


Multiplication Madness is upon us!

We have discussed the importance of fact power, and each day we work to "build our multiplication muscles"! We have used a variety of strategies like building arrays, identifying X patterns, finding X shortcuts, and solving numerous multiplication number stories.

We read Each Orange has Eight Slices, a picture book filled with multiplication number stories. Then we wrote and published our own multiplication number stories. We proudly presented our number stories to our own class and to friends from Mrs. Whiton’s class.

The children have practiced their basic X facts at school and at home. And, "Practice Always Makes Improvement!" Knowing our basic multiplication facts fast is an important part of our third grade math curriculum. Thank you for assisting your child in this important goal!


Motion... Go, Motion!

We are studying the scientific concept of motion. Motion is movement. Throwing, sliding, rolling, swinging are all examples of motion. The children are carefully observing motion and communicating how fast it moved, how far it moved, the distance it traveled, and the path it took. We conducted timed speed trials outside to observe and describe and compare the motion of walking backwards, jumping, and crawling for 5 seconds.

Speaking of scientific fun, we are creating COLLISIONS with all kinds of marbles, ramps, tubes, and meter sticks. We conducted the collision experiment multiple times and changed one variable at a time to determine which collision created the least and the most motion. Next week, we'll be motion maniacs working with teams, sensors, the laptops, and balls to create, observe, and record a variety of motion with our "Go Motion" experiment projects.

Enrichment Projects

Our amazing Enrichment Projects promoted higher level thinking. Our Enrichment Projects represented our best work. We presented our new insights with pride and confidence. Awesome work, Hayden Heroes!


The 3 Hayden Talent Show will be on Tuesday, December 17 at 2:00 in the cafeteria.


  • Thanks for helping your child to be a successful performer by having practice sessions at home.
  • Please pack costumes and props and we will get changed after recess.
  • If your child needs music, I will be supplying an MP3 doc with speakers. Please have a digit device (I-pod) with the song for the day of the show. I will do my best to try to make sure I can connect all devices to the doc.

We can't wait to share our talents with you!

Happy Holidays! Enjoy your time with family and friends.