Cyclops island~For sale

Stay for 3 days $1,000 OR stay 7 days for 2,250

What do other people think

More then 10 million people have visited this magnificent island and 9 out of 10 people prefer to go to this island. We have many specials throughout the year and we make sure all of our costumers, will be more than satisfied. We have sections for each age group, kids under 12 will stay in our funzone. and evryone older up to the age of 18 will stay in the young adult room. All the others will stay in the adult room.

What the president has to say about this island.

The president of the U.S.A thinks that this island is the best place best place ever to vacation with your family or just have a beautiful honey moon with your wife. Obama says "It is the best island in our country, now i have been there myself. It gave me joy. I think it has all the qualitites that our country should have, Peacefulness, sweet clean air, and last but not least wonderful people to share your love with, like my wife, Michele.