Mrs. Armenti's 8th Grade English Class

Contact Info

My classroom is located in the South wing, room 216.

I try to respond to e-mails as soon as possible. It is definitely the most effective way of communication between parents, students, and myself. My e-mail address is:


I also keep up to date with my grades on Power School, so I encourage parents and students to check their grades often.

Current Unit

We are currently reading the classic novel To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. This is a rigorous unit in which we will be focusing on analyzing quotes from the text and supporting our thoughts, taking a look at America in the South during the 1930's, connecting text to world events, and much more. There will be some reading done at home, so if you would like to read along with your child, that would be great! Not only would it enhance your child's understanding of the novel, reading together builds a strong bond and opens the lines of communication.

We will be following the Engage NY module 2A Unit 1 for many of our lessons. The link to this site is below. Here, you can download worksheets that we will be working with throughout the book in case your child forgot their homework in school.

If your child is reading along independently and has questions about what is happening in the novel, the website Shmoop is a great resource to aid in comprehension. The link to this site is below.

Homework and Upcoming Assignments

This is where I will post homework that is due and long term assignments and projects your child should be working on. If there is ever any question about an assignment, please do not hesitate to e-mail me. Students may also e-mail me their papers if there is an issue with printing at home, however, not all papers will be required to be typed.

*Below is also the link to our Author's Spotlight page.

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Reading To Kill a Mockingbird