Sam Houston


who was Sam Houston?

Sam Houston was born on March 2, 1793, Rockbridge County, VA. He was a nineteenth century American statesman, politician, and a soldier.He is best known for his leading role in bringing Texas into the United States.He was also the 1st and 3rd president. He died on July 26, 1863, in Huntsville TX. Sam Houston went from being a millitary hero in thecreek war to a key political figure in the creation of the state of Texas

public dedt

Despite Houston's effort to raise money throw taxes and trariffs, the dedt contiued to rise. he got money form selling navy ships and other materials. he did everything that he could to keep Texas out of dedt.

indian Relation

due to his personal experience with native americans, sam houston delieved that thewhite man could continue to live peacefully alongside the native americans.


finally, houston supported the usse of annexation. he believed thattexas could benefit from becoming part of the united states.

military (army, navy

they had a strong army.