Denison Staff News

Week 8, Term 2

Dearest Denison Staff,

I hope that you are well and that you are looking after yourself as the weather fluctuates and stress levels rise. I trust also that you are looking forward to the hump day holiday this week in the form of the Emerald Show Day.

Recently I have been doing some research into what a years adequate progress looks like for a student in primary school. A lot of my research has directed me to an initiative that was rolled out in America in the early 2000s. The name of the initiative there was "No Child Left Behind" and the goal was an admirable one - to have every child in each state at a proficient level in their reading/language arts and mathematics standardised tests. Each state could identify it's own rate of growth but the must have reached the goal of NCLB by 2013-14. My research has made me curious. And I ask you this...

What would adequate yearly progress look like here in Queensland (Getting a B in Math at the end of Year 2 and then getting a B in Math again at the end of Year 3)?

How would we gauge or track adequate yearly progress (A-E or NAPLAN)?

Below is a hyper link to the Policy and Procedure around roll marking in state schools. I have placed it in this newsletter so that we are clear about how to record an absent and what code and evidence/reason should be used. An 'unexplained' absence would be recorded because no reason has been given verbally or physically by the parent or carer of a child after follow up by the classroom teacher after three consecutive days of 'unexplained'. If a child is taken from school to go to the dentist that would be marked "Other". If a child goes camping on a Friday and you have been informed by the parents the that would be marked "Unauthorised" and the reason provided by the parent stated as the reason. Please ensure that these records are up to date prior to the end of term as we are looking at doing electronic roles from Term 3.

Have a great week and make sure you get along to the show!

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