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Choisr--an exclusive space for sorority women

A unique platform for unique and inspirational women.

Choisr was created to make the lives of sorority women easier, more fun, and exclusive. Only you and your chapter can see what's inside of your sorority's Choisr room! Plan social and philanthropic events, retreats and vacations, Rush and Founders Day, and decide what t-shirts to purchase for any occasion.

Simply upload images, chat with your sisters, exchange ideas, and have fun!

You can use Choisr for anything!

Create an exclusive Choisr room whenever you need advice or help from friends. Invite all of your friends and family to Choisr, and use Choisr to stay in touch with your sisters this summer!

We are here for your chapter.

Do you have suggestions or feedback for us? Please share your thoughts! We're here to make your lives easier and we are constantly developing our platform to better serve you and your chapter.