Ivory Coast

The Culture of Ivory Coast

The People

The official language of Ivory Coast is French but many people also speak Dyula. The population is 17.3 million. Ivorians are reliable, capable and considerate. People wear boubous which are embroidered robes worn over pants or a skirt.


Malnutrition is widespread among women and children because they get the smallest portions. Soccer and dame are popular activities for men. Popular music is reggae, African pop, and French and U.S rap. Independence day is August 7.


The current president is Laurent Gbagbo. Girls are kept out of school or only allowed to attend primary school. One third of the population is below the poverty line. 10 percent of the population has HIV/AIDS.

Customs and courtesies

Friends nod, shake hands or exchange kisses on the cheek. At formal ceremonies, people may give kola nuts (pictured below). Ivorians only eat with their right hand. Instead of drinking water during the meal, the people drink after the meal.