What I like

By Josh Beels

This Is Republican elephant

I picked the picture because I am republican.

I prefer these policies more.

2 Job opportunities are Senator or person on Fox News

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Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry is a boss ( 24pts 7asst 5reb 2stl) MVP

He is the best player in the NBA

2 job opportunities are general manager and assistant coach

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I love the Sf Giants

I have season tickets to the Giants

2 Job opportunities are manager or front office worker.

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Fried Chicken

I picked this picture because i love fried chicken

This is my favorite food.

2 job opportunities are a cook and owner of restaurant.

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Who doesn't love netflix?

Netflix allows you to watch all the tv and movies.

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Youtube and Twitch

I picked these websites because they bring me entertainment.
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Modern family

This is a comedy tv show. This is by far the funniest show out there.

2 job opportunities are a director and an actor.

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Cookies are my favorite desert. It brings sweets with crunch. Chocolate chip is my favorite.
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When i want to play video games i use the Xbox. This is the best console out there.

Game designer

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I own beats headphones and they project sound beautifully.

2 job opprutunities are a music producer and a singer

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I am learning spanish right now. It is pretty cool to learn a new language.
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High school has been very fun so far. Phs Is amazing
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