March Newsletter!

3-Year-Old Head Start

Important Dates!

Chili Cook Off: March 6th 5:30-7:30

Spring Break: March 10-14th

Early Release: March 26-28th 12:10 pm

Important Reminders!

If you have not had a conference yet, please contact us to schedule a time that works well for you!

What are we working on in school? What can you work on at home?

Our unit this month is animals and where they live! You can be on the lookout with your child to point out animals they see while in the car or outside playing and talk about where they live! You can work with your child to identify letters, colors, and numbers in their environment (STOP signs, neighborhood signs, car color, etc.). You can also help your child remember the rules of school and the classroom. Keep your hands to yourself, be nice to your friends, and listen to your teacher.

March Birthdays!

March 5th: Amara's Birthday!

Remember to be safe and happy!

- Ms. Courtney, Mrs. Debra, Ms. Alyse, and Ms. Katlyn